Doll Meeting Aout 2012

Voici quelques photos tirées du photoshoot fait durant le super meeting organisé chez Muriel. ————— Here are few pics taken during a doll meeting in a friend’s house.   Crobidoll (owner Muriel)   Dollmore (owner Muriel) Dollmore (owner Muriel) Dollstown Seola (owner Liberty) Dollstown Seola (owner Liberty) ( owner Mitsukake) Ashley leeke (Owner Muriel) Ashley En savoir plus surDoll Meeting Aout 2012[…]

Bambicrony, Pullip et autres BJDs

Deux customisations finies et une rencontre, cela donne l’occasion de faire de belles photos et de tester son studio photo. —————————- I have finished the new outfit for my dolls. I am quite happy with the one made for the pullip as it is hand sewn! The other pictures have been made during a meeting En savoir plus surBambicrony, Pullip et autres BJDs[…]