Doll meeting Sept 2012

Les meetings s’enchaînent avant le Ldoll , c’est toujours un plaisir pour les yeux. Voici quelques photos prises durant le meeting. ————————————- I have been participating to a lot of doll meetings before the Ldoll. this is always the opportunity to discover new doll and to take new pics. Below are some of them.

Bambicrony, Pullip et autres BJDs

Deux customisations finies et une rencontre, cela donne l’occasion de faire de belles photos et de tester son studio photo. —————————- I have finished the new outfit for my dolls. I am quite happy with the one made for the pullip as it is hand sewn! The other pictures have been made during a meeting En savoir plus surBambicrony, Pullip et autres BJDs[…]